Location: The Great Land of Genari. (Say je-nah-ree)
Ruler: Lorde William ‘The Feared’ Dóther
Political Standpoint: Dictator
Dominion: Total.
Lives in: A garish castle of stone and exquisite fabrics.

The People: The people of Genari fear their ruler. Every person is taught from a young age that
“If the king asks you to do something, no matter how heinous, brutal or vile you do it.”
“If you don’t eat your healthy foods Lorde William will be here on the morrow to take you away.”

Recent History
The Genari live in constant fear of their overlord. Three winters ago he beheaded almost an entire family for not paying enough in the monthly tribute gathering held in the town square. He did not order a guard or his first in command to do it. Instead he took the silver platter from his servant, crushed the edge beneath his boot and with an emotionless face took to the family with the crude and jagged weapon.
The families youngest daughter Emilia had been given the families only food and treasures to gift to the mad king. He spared her life and she clung to the severed heads of her family weeping. The king kicked them from her grasp before she got to say her last words. She wept going completely numb and after being able to stand, ran off from the land swearing vengeance. Disappearing for 12 long years.

The Mad King

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